Lisa Hat PhotoGeaux-Girl grew up in a small town in Louisiana.  She worked three jobs through high school and college in order to earn her education.  She  had really big dreams and always knew that if she   worked  hard, someday, those dreams would come true!

But the road was never easy for her.  She had no guidance into the politics of  networking and life.   For every open door, she was  met with a room full of closed ones.

Over time with hard work, she  began to  excel  in her  career.   It really seemed like she had finally made it!

But, truly, something was missing… It’s interesting to find someone who appears to have it all, yet really has nothing in their heart and is empty.

She went through a ten year relationship which resulted in a marriage and a  divorce.  Then, another five year relationship that resulted in an engagement and an “un” engagement.  So, a big portion  of her  life was spent in relationships that never resulted in happiness.

Over the past two years,  she has been on the wild ride of dating as a mature adult in a “not so mature” dating world.  It’s so unreal, when she tells  people  the things that have happened to her.  They are in total disbelief.

How could she  be so great in business, but so lousy in love?

After going to counseling and working with her church, she  realized that  it was HER picking the wrong people to be in her life.  Through years of self reflection, she has been working to help other women who are going through the same things that she went through.

Since she has been through it all, LITERALLY,  and knows  the resources and advice that got her through, why not share it with others so that she can be a blessing to someone else?

Once  she started focusing on helping others, her own inner strength began to grow.   She  realizes  now, that everything that she went through, was meant  to make HER the rock for those in need.

Truly, she does not have all the answers, but she does have some crazy, scary, unbelievable, and rewarding stories to share.  In addition, she has put together a resource “tool kit” with contact information on things like: Divorce, Dating, Break-Ups,  Networking as a Single Adult,  Career Resources and so much more.

If you have been through it all, like  HER, then this is the place for you.  Some days we laugh, some days we cry.  But every day, we PRAY!

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